melarikan diri dari penjara: game petualangan free

melarikan diri dari penjara: game petualangan free

Build : V2.3

Developer: Rabbit Bay Games

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melarikan diri dari penjara: game petualangan free Descriptions
Escape the prison is a puzzle game, and it is an adventure of “Room Escaping”. In the game, you are a prisoner in the jail under strict surveillance. Every exit is blocked by computer systems, and you will be monitored under guards at every moment.

But, when you looking around your cell you will find many objects and tools that maybe helpful for you. You could use them or combine them to escape from prison.

Codes and passwords are hidden in everywhere, you need find them out and try to use them to unlock bars and doors via computers.

There are many other prisoners around you, sometimes you need them to help you to solve the puzzles, but you also help them to get what they want.


• You cannot destroy any blocks (except gray wool) nor place any blocks.

• Collect as many creeper heads as you can.

• No modding/hacking/using commands.

• Set your difficulty on 'Normal'.

• Enjoy!

Prison is not a pleasant place to spend even one day, so it’s time to escape! If you want to experience an adventure game full of suspense and fun, then try this Escape Game!

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Version 2.3
Developer Rabbit Bay Games
Requirements Android 4.0+
Publish Date 22 January 2020
Category GAME Puzzle
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