Mermaid Secrets2- Love Story in High School

The best mermaid secret high school love story! Mermaid princess games for girls!
Why Rain? Why? Fortunately, Alan was left and I can dry myslef with handkerchief. Great!The scales are gone and nobody will know my secrets. My makeup is mess! Refine the makeup and dress up the beautiful outfit right now. Alan didn't go to school today, what's wrong with him? Oh, No. He is sick at home today! Take care of him on his sick day & help him recovery soon.

> Share an umbrella with your best friend Alan on a rainy day!
> Alan treats you so well, whether he will be the little boy who saved your life before?
> Don't think too much, bath time now! Go for a warm bath and have a nice dream!
> Alan’s nose won’t stop running! Take him to the nose doctor & help him get better!
> It's time to end the class! Bring the yummy soup to the hospital and it can help get rid of the flu! Feed Alan a delicious meal.
> In order to thanks for your good care, Alan invited you to a movie, sounds great!
> Share popcorn while watching a romantic comedy with your best friend!
> OMG! Alan confessed his feeling to you. Whether it's time to move on from friend zone to love zone?
> Oh No! Mia got hurt as she hit by a bike. OMG! The boy who knocked her over was wearing the lost necklace!

The best mermaid secrets love story in high school ever! Download Free Now!

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