Go To Town 3

You were alone in a dangerous island, you have to collect materials to build a boat and get to the city. But in the island you are waiting for different difficulties. In the city you can earn money and buy different cars. The "Go To Town 3" game allows you to roam around the grand city. Admire the beauty of the big city, Football field and the others buldings. With this game you can drive specific street cars around the city. Ride a motorcycle, quadrocycle and admire the great beauty of the city.

Key features:

— Easy control
— Fantastic graphics
— Specific cars
— Motorcycle riding
— Quadrocycle riding
— Motorboat riding
— Buying a car
— Auto salon
— Wild island
— Animals
— Control of the third person
— Grand Street
— Grand City
— Beautiful town
— Fantastic car physics
— Fantastic people physics
— Football field

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Последнее обновление: Кол-во скачиваний 100 000–500 000
Последняя версия 2.0 Возрастные ограничения Для всех
Размер Требуемая версия Android 4.1 или более поздняя
Интерактивные элементы Контент для продажи
Разработчик: Написать: BicepsApps@gmail.com

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