2 For 2048

This 2 For 2048 is not an ordinary one. Upgraded version of the original 2048 puzzle game, More challenge,Much more fun!

By connecting as many same numbered dots as you can. The longer the line, the more points you get and the longer you’ll survive.

Simple and stylish design style,Contain a variety of exquisite themes,Let's play together!

————How to play————
✔ Connect same value on a horizontal or vertical line, excluding cross line
✔ The result of connected value being a multiple of 2
✔ The more numbers you have connected, the higher the score
✔ Merge larger numbers:4、8、16、32、64、128、256、512、1024、2048……
✔ Calculate exactly the location of access ramp to produce the results as you desire

———Game Features———
★ Game will not end with reaching the 2048, Push your limits!
★ High score will be automatically saved if you exceed previous one
★ Undo move: You can undo your last three move and get back to move earlier position
★ Multiple sets of exquisite themes and simple user interface
★ Classic 5×5 board
★ Leaderboard

Take part in the challenge of numbers, conquer and show off your great thinking ability with 2 For 2! Connect Number. Wish you have fun playing games!

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Последнее обновление: 8 августа 2017 г. Кол-во скачиваний 1 000–5 000
Последняя версия 1.4.0 Возрастные ограничения Для всех
Размер Требуемая версия Android 4.3 или более поздняя
Интерактивные элементы Контент для продажи
Разработчик: Написать: DSGameOffice@gmail.com Конфиденциальность

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